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Minor and major plumbing difficulties can arise through out the year. You may have a dripping faucet or a leaky pipe; maybe the toilet won’t stop running. The pressure shower may be too low or too high. All these things can seem like small, slightly inconvenient problems.

What you might not consider, is the affect its having on your water bill. A dripping faucet for instance. Lets say it drips once every 5 seconds. That’s 12 times a minute, 720 times an hour, 17, 280 times a day, 120, 960 times a week, 483,840 times a month, 5,806,080 times a year.

Thats 6 gallons of water a month, 76 gallons a year. That’s just ONE leaky faucet. Don’t forget about the little things, It’s time that changes the shape of things. The grand canyon used to be a trickle!

If you have ANY plumbing related problem, have it repaired immediately. We’ve done the math, we know the impact, now lets see if we can lower that water bill.

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