Sewer Lines

Once we have access to the broken sewer pipes we can determine the type of repair to be made. Small punctures or holes can be repaired with a clamp and gasket. Large cracks and breaks require pipe removal and replacement.

In the case of a cracked pipe we would remove the cracked or broken portion of pipe. Cut the broken portion of pipe with a reciprocal saw. Then create a replacement for the broken portion of pipe by cutting a new piece of pipe to fill its place.

After the pipes have been fully repaired and seal we run water through the pipes to check for leaks. The repairs are supported from beneath with a firmly packed layer of dirt.

A sewer line leak will probably be very quickly noticed by anyone leaving within a half mile of the leak, I’m sure you can imagine why. If not quickly and adroitly repaired, the leak can lead to further, more costly complications.

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